Buildings are designed and built with longevity in mind. Architects and engineers specify tough, time tested materials, such as concrete, masonry, and metal, when designing buildings. Although these materials are extremely strong and durable, nothing lasts forever. Materials such as concrete, masonry, and metal, when exposed to the elements, will eventually deteriorate. If not properly protected and maintained, these materials will eventually fail. Protecting these materials and properly repairing them, if damage does occur, is critical to preserve the functionality and to extend the longevity of buildings.

   Restoration Services include:

Metal Restoration
        Expansion Joint Systems
        Parking Deck Restoration
        Chemical Grout Injection
        Epoxy Injection
        Concrete Crack Control and Repair
        Chemical & Corrosion Control
        Structural Concrete Repairs
        EIFS/Stucco Repair
        Roof Restoration Systems
        Negative Side Waterproofing Systems
        Elastomeric Wall Coating Systems
        High Build Waterproof Acrylic Wall Coatings
        Masonry Restoration
        Clear Water Repellents
        Pressure Washing
        Chemical Cleaning